The life of a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ is a life in the making. The heart that hears God’s call to service may belong to Him and may love Him, but it’s still a heart of clay, unshaped and unprepared to prevail against sin and the enemy of men’s souls. Today, many who feel called to the five-fold gifts rush into ministry armed solely with education, secular work experience, and good will. They search for shortcuts to reach the pulpit and the people faster. The world’s way, they think, will equip them with the skills and charisma necessary for preaching, leading, and building large followings. But man’s way is not God’s way. His process, which begins with a call and commitment to Him, is ongoing and moves man forward from his past to God’s future. But the way is not easy—crossing deserts designed for separation and the valleys of discouragement require patience, courage, and sweat from the hard work of exercising faith.

In this revelatory book, Evangelist Carl Brown teaches how those who are called into ministry must allow God to make them, which involves the breaking of a heart hardened by the world and refashioned by the washing of the Word and the oil of the Holy Spirit. He explains how God’s call, which is without repentance, summons each man of God to the battlefield to fight for faith, where he must learn to believe God—believe that God called him, believe that God will speak to him, and believe that He will help him in times of private and public need. Throughout the process, as he gains ground in this fight, the Holy Spirit faithfully leads the man of God closer to the fountainhead of salvation, sanctification, and victory—the cross of Jesus Christ.

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